Why is My Grass Dying in Patches & How to Revive Dead Grass Fast in Belleview, FL

One of the main signs that the warm months are here is the presence of all the trees, shrubs, flowers and grass starting to bloom and grow. The green is a welcome part of the season but it also means that you need to be ready for some lawn care and gardening. When it comes to your yard or lawn there are some mistakes that people are making that actually could be harmful. Nothing is worse than starting off the season with patches of grass that are not growing in right or dying off early. You can make a few changes to keep your lawn looking great.

Pest911 Explains What You Might Be Doing to Cause Damage to Your Grass & Lawn

How Do You Water Your Lawn?: We all know that if you are growing grass at your house you need to use water and sunlight to let it grow. Just because water is great for your grass does not mean that you should overwater it. If you flood your yard or overwater the area it will actually cause problems with it. The area that has too much water will actually drown the grass and cause lawn disease to grow in that area. The excess water also will invite pests that can be harmful to the area and will start to eat the lawn and roots extending past the area that has been overwatered. Be sure that you set your watering schedule so that it does not soak too much. You also want to make sure that you factor in any rainfall that occurs as well.
Don’t Cut Grass Too Short: Most people know that you have to mow your lawn to keep the grass from over growing. Some people pull out a mower once a week and run it over the lawn. Although mowing is needed you want to be careful about how low you take the lawn. If you are in the warm months you don’t want to take it down too low. If you do the grass will not be able to survive the heat of the summer days and it will start to die. It is better to skip a week in between mowing and only bring it down a small amount when you mow.
Identifying Lawn Problems: Another problem that people have is that they notice a problem with their lawn and make a determination about what it is. The issue is that with an untrained eye you might diagnose a problem incorrectly. If you are not treating a problem with your lawn with the right method it will continue to get worse. If you are treating an area that has been damaged from pests and you think it is just under watering you will make the problem larger. That is because the pests will continue to work. You want to be sure that if you see any problems with your grass you call out a professional that has the ability to inspect and treat the problem.

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