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Field, House & Florida Mice Control

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Species of Mice Found in Florida

Throughout Ocala, The Villages, and the surrounding areas of Central Florida communities, commercial businesses and residential homes are often being plagued by mice. There are three primary species Floridians have to contend with. They are House Mice, Florida Mice and Field Mice.

Field Mouse Facts

Field Mice are the most common in Central Florida and like most mice are nocturnal. Field mice are usually brown or black and have white bellies. Field mice have been proven very clever and can strategize plans of actions! For as tiny as they, they are incredible fast and have a heightened developed sense of smell. They are natural survivalists and can devour anything. Field mice also breed more frequently than most other species of mice and can quickly infest any home or business. Within a year’s time, a female can have up 40 babies. Field mice are one of the more difficult mice to evict from your home or business without the aid of Pest 911.

House Mouse Control

House Mice are brown, gray or black and will have white or lighter colored bellies. They favor outdoor living spaces but if food, water, or nesting areas become a challenge, they might venture indoors. They will eat anything available, but favor seeds and nuts. House mice are generally nocturnal, but if needed they can be spotted during the day. They also have a tendency to reproduce rapidly and quickly overwhelm any home or business if not taken care of quickly.

Florida Mouse Identification

Florida Mice are typical only seen in scrub brush and sandy beaches and are an endangered mammal. They are nocturnal and are highly active throughout the entire year. Though they will breed all year long, they are generally most active during the fall and winter. They will usually grow 5-8 inches in length with tail an additional 5 inches long. Their coloring is most often brown with white bellies, and furless ears that look brown. Florida mice consume seeds, plants, insects, nuts and acorns.

Mice Control Services

No matter what species of mouse is running amuck in your Ocala, The Villages, and surrounding areas of Central Florida community commercial business or residential home, Pest 911 has the expertise to properly take care of the infestation. Call Pest 911 today to get started!