Where Do Stinging Insects in Belleview, FL Rank on the Schmidt Sting Pain Index?

While you are out in the summer months by the pool or lake enjoying the nice weather have you ever been stung by a insect? The insects that sting are out in the summer more so than any other season and that means the run ins they have with us are more common. There are several pests that cause a sting that can range in your reaction from an annoyance to some real serious pain. As long as you don’t have an allergic reaction to the sting or the toxin that is injected you will be fine. With that said there is a level of pain that goes along with each sting and they are not all treated the same. Knowing how painful some of the stings are in comparison with others can help you know what you might have been stung by. The reason we have this information is because many people have been stung and reported what happened. That helps to make a pain scale for stings so that you know what you might be dealing with when you are stung.

Pest911 Outlines the Four Pain Levels that Are Associated With Stings From Insects

Level One On the Insect Sting Pain Scale: If you are on a level one in the pain scale from a sting you are most likely not dropping to your knees. The pain that is associated with this level is pretty mild and you may not even stop to investigate what happened right away. Commonly a sting at this level will only last about two minutes with some residual itching after. The pests that are common in this bracket will be many of the common ants that you come across in your area. When you have a pile of ants and one gets on your foot and leaves you a sting you might swat at the area but you will not be incapacitated.
Level Two On the Insect Sting Pain Scale: If you are stung by a pest that is a level two pain you will notice. The pain is enough that you will stop and look to see what is happening. The pain often times will last about five to ten minutes as long as the stinger has been removed. As long as you don’t have an allergy to these stings the pain will subside. Common pests that are in this category are honey bees, wasps and some ants that are a little more aggressive.
Level Three On the Insect Sting Pain Scale: This is where the pain jumps up and you tend to suffer from about 30 minutes. The pain is likely to stop you and make you take a minute before continuing on your path. If you are stung by a pest in level three you are most likely in an area that have water that contributes to their livelihood. Wasps are the biggest culprit found in this level as well as a few ants like the harvester ant.
Level Four On the Insect Sting Pain Scale: If you are unlucky enough to get stung by a pest on the level four group be prepared for some recovery time. The sting is enough to cause pain for as much as eight hours. That is a full work day so it is no joke. The most common pest that is in this group is the tarantula hawk and warrior wasp.

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