Where Do Roof Rats Go During the Day in Ocala, FL? How to Get Rid of Black Palm Rats

Seeing a rat scurry past you in your home can be scary. Even worse would be finding out that that rat has gnawed through your electrical wiring and ruined your garden. Any homeowner would be upset. If you see a rat running up and down your palm trees than chances are you’re dealing with palm rats. Palm rats are one of the leading pests in Florida and can cause extensive damage to your attic if they aren’t dealt with quickly. Ignoring the problem is the worst thing you can do. One female palm rat can have 1000 babies in one year! Palm rats are dangerous pests to deal with as they can spread disease. You don’t want them in or around your home.

Where Do Palm or Roof Rats Like to Live During the Day & Night

Palm rats are also known as citrus rats, black rats, ship rats and roof rats. They are more common in tropical climates and they are climbers. They like to nest in areas above the ground and trees, especially palm trees which is the reason they have been given their unique name. Their diet consists mostly of fruit, but they aren’t picky. Palm rats are 12 to 14 inches in length. They are gray, black to brownish in color, with belies that are lighter in color. In their quest for food they will gnaw on wiring, rummage through garbage and damage your garden.

Signs of Palm Rat Infestations

There are signs to look for that will indicate you’re dealing with a rat infestation.
Droppings– droppings will be ½ inch long with pointed ends
Gnaw marks– around the roof eaves furniture and electrical wiring
Damaged fruit– fruit that is hollowed out
Tracks & grease trails– in the areas they travel through your home
Sounds– scratching and movement, especially at night
Abnormal pet behavior– pets can become agitated when rats are present in the home

How to Prevent Palm Rats

There are steps you can take to prevent an infestation. Palm rats will gnaw on sealant and other materials that are present on your roof to get into your home. Vents to your home only need an opening of half an inch for palm rats to gain entry. These vents can be covered with screens or wire. Seal any entry points they can use to get into your home. Remove any foliage they may use as a bridge to your home. Eliminate any food sources and store food in sealed containers. Trees and plants can be used for nesting so make sure they are trimmed. Sounds can scare then but they will get used to the noise and it will become ineffective. Don’t leave pet food out overnight, limit the use of bird feeders and use garbage cans with tight fitting lids.

Rodent Control

Rat control can be tricky. When you find yourself dealing with rats, it’s best to call professionals. Professionals have the knowledge to eliminate the problem and prevent another infestation. Pest911 has experience in dealing with palm rats. To learn more, call us today!

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