Where Do Aphid Infestations Come from & How to Get Rid of Aphids in Summerfield, FL

You may have noticed this spring season that your lawn and gardens haven’t been faring well. You may have tried to fertilize, water, and care for your garden but it still doesn’t seem to be responding. If you have been watering and fertilizing your lawn and it still isn’t doing well then you may have a pest damaging your yard’s vegetation. Especially if you’re not seeing any obvious pest, then you most likely have a massive aphid population. Pest911 will share how to control and identify aphids in your yard.

Where Do Aphids Come From?

Aphids are a very common yard pest that can be found in virtually any yard. They are very small insects that can survive in any climate. You can often find them on any kind of vegetation as well. They are light green and yellow and can blend into plants very well. However, they can vary in color. They are sometimes black, gray and brown. The aphid body is tear drop shaped and they cluster together in large groups. Aphids can also reproduce quickly. Nonetheless, once aphids are discovered they can be controlled relatively easy with the proper methods.

Signs of Aphid Infestations

Aphids feed on the moisture found in plants. They literally suck out all the juices inside them. They are known to feed on leaves, flowers, buds, stems, fruit, and even sallow roots or surfaced roots of various types of plants. Some signs that you have aphids feeding on the plants in your yard are:
• Leaves that look curled, yellow, or misshapen
• Leaves or stems feel sticky to the touch
• Plants with excess honeydew that develop into a fungal growth which cause the leaves or stems of plants to turn black
• Flowers or even fruit looks or grows distorted or misshapen

How to Prevent Aphids in Your Vegetable Garden & Yard

There are a number of methods to help reduce the aphid population in your yard. Some of these methods will help prevent and control aphids from destroying your yard’s vegetation. First, use a garden hose to spray your plants down. This helps to dislodge the aphids that are on your plants. However, this is a temporary solution.
There are dusts that you can apply on your plants to help reduce aphids. With a spray bottle, mix together a few drops of liquid dish soap in water with a pinch of cayenne pepper and spray your plants down. Another alternative to using soapy water is mixing together water with alcohol as in beer. You will want a strong alcohol that is at least 70 percent. Mix 1½ part water to 1 part alcohol in a spray bottle and shower your plants down. Beer is great because it kills the aphids and protects and feeds plants.

Aphid Pest Control

If you have aphids sucking the life out of your yard and you need help controlling and preventing aphids, contact Pest911. Pest911 uses both a liquid fertilizer and granular which both act as an insecticide and a herbicide that helps to ward off many lawn pests and weeds. Contact Pest911 today.

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