What Attracts Woodrats, Brown Roof Rats & Black Norway Sewer Rats to Your Belleview, FL House?

Dealing with pests in your home is something that can be troublesome and can cause some stress. There are many pests that can be a nuisance as well as dangerous to your health and to your home as well. That is why it is important to know what type of pests you have in your home and also what you need to do to get rid of them. This is how to keep your home and family safe from the potential dangers that come when they turn into a infestation. One of the pests you might come across that sends chills up your spine are rats! Some people don’t think that rats are a pest that get into your house but they can and will. They are just like other pests that are looking for a warm place to nest and easy access to food and water. Rats have many different species and each one has their own characteristics that separate them. It is a good idea to know what type of rats are in your area and what to look out for.

Pest911 Outlines what Rat Infestations Could Be in Your House

Where Do Roof Rats Live?: The roof rat is a common type of rat that is in homes and around your property. They are a rat that is not the largest in the community but they are large enough to be a problem in your house. They can come in several colors that include black, grey and even brown. They tend to reach about 16 inches in length when they are fully grown. One of the characteristics that set them apart is that their ears and their eyes are quite large. They get their name from the area that they choose to infest. This is because they tend to travel high up on branches and will make their way into your home from the roof or an upper deck. They will start to nest in the attic space or crawl space of the house. One sign that a rat is in your house is droppings whereever they go.
Norway Rat Facts: If you are worried about large rats that look like they can carry your cat away then a Norway rat is the top of the list. This is a very large rat that can reach up to 16 inches in length but the difference between them and a roof rat is that they tend to be much bulkier and weigh more. They also have a messy coat of fur that looks like it has not been cleaned. In addition to black coloring, they also can be grey or even brown. They are able to get in homes wherever they are able to find access. They will get in and start to chew through anything and everything in your house. This will include electrical wires, food and even clothes.
Woodrat Nests: Woodrats are not a rat species that is found very common but they can and have been found in homes all around the area. They don’t look as menacing as some of the other rats on the list. They are smaller and look fluffy and some even think cute. The other name that they go by is the pack rat because they are little thieves. They have been known to collect items from around your house and take them to their nest.

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It is best to have your home treated for rodents if you suspect any of these types of rats or even mice. Pest911 can come out to your house to help identify and remove unwanted rodents around your property. Call us today to meet with one of our experts for a rodent inspection and custom treatment plan.

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