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What Attracts Wolf Spiders in Your Lisbon, FL House & How to Keep Spider Pests Out?

There seems to be a running theme when it comes to how people feel about spiders. Spiders are one pest that most people have some level of fear of. They are a pest that can seem creepy and the fact that there are movies that incite that fear even further may not be helping their case. Spiders are a pest that are actually good to have around your home because they will eat other pests that are running around. Although they are a pest that can eat other pests most people do not want to find them around their home. When it comes to spiders there is one that can send a real shiver up your spine. The wolf spider is one that is just a little scarier looking than other spiders. They are a larger and have some characteristics that can be frightening. It is a good idea to know more about the wolf spider and what you can do to keep them away from your house. Pest911 outlines what a wolf spider is and what you can do to get rid of them.

What Does a Wolf Spider Look Like?

When it comes to spiders there are lots that have some similar looks with a few differentiating markings. The wolf spider has a very different look and that makes it easy to tell them apart from other spiders. The wolf spider is usually a brown or grey color and are covered with hairs. It is also a spider that is quite thick and robust with short legs that are also thick and have hair covering them as well. They are usually a spider that is between one and half and two inches in length and with the thickness of their body and legs they can seem larger than that.

Where Do Wolf Spiders Live?

When it comes to spiders most people know that you can spot them by the web that they tend to weave around the house and yard. When it comes to wolf spiders a web is no way to locate them. They actually are a spider that will not use a web and live their life mostly on the ground. They are found usually hiding around the edges of your home and lawn where they can find a place to hide. This means that they may sneak out by your feet and startle you. They are found on the ground because they like to eat the pests that are usually walking around as well. This is their main food source and it is better to attack from that same level.

How to Keep Wolf Spiders Away

There are a few things you can do to keep wolf spiders out of your house. You want to start with using pest control services. The best thing you can do is to remove the food source from the area. Pest control services can come out and treat the house so that the pests that a wolf spider might eat will be gone. You also want to make sure that any gaps that a spider may use to hide or gain access has been sealed up.

Wolf Spider Control & More

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