Tiny Black Bugs in Grass & Other Signs Pests Are Destroying Your Marion Oaks, FL Lawn

Now that the weather has started to warm up most people are spending more time outside. It is a perfect time to get out after a long winter. The same comes into play when there are pests as well. The interesting thing about pests is that they are meant to be out in the open and in nature. They are a part of the ecosystem and are needed to help keep a proper balance. The problem starts to come in when they are looking for a way out of the weather and for a better place to nest and eat. Your house and your property is the perfect place to set up their home. When they are out in nature they will come across predators that are sure to take out some of them that will even out how many there should be. When they are invading your home and property the interaction with these predators are less likely to occur and that is how an infestation can increase and become a problem. That is why you need to have a professional pest service come out to treat the problem.

Pest911 Lists Signs of Pest Infestations in Your Grass & Yard

Holes & Mounds in Yard: One of the easiest ways to determine if there is a pest infestation in your yard is to look for signs of mounds and holes. The pests that you need to be concerned about are ants that will start a colony just about anywhere. They are usually out looking for a place to start their colony and your yard is a great place to go. You want to keep an eye out for any new mounds or holes that start to appear. If you see a mound it is from the ants that have started to make their tunnels and the excess dirt gets brought out and mounded up. If you see a problem with ants in your yard it is important to call out a professional to treat it so that they do not gain access to your house.
Brown Patches & Dying Grass Are Signs of Pests: There are other ways to determine if there are pests that are in your yard or lawn. You can look for signs that areas of your grass are not looking as spunky and fresh as they used to. It may look like it is starting to die or change in color. This is often a sign that beetles are taking over the area. The beetles will lay their eggs and when they hatch they are going to start feeding on the roots of the grass. This will prevent the grass from growing and dead patches will exist.
Wood Damage to Patio or Deck: Another area you need to be concerned about is any amount of wood you have on your homes exterior. If you have a wood patio or deck you want to keep an eye out for termite damage that may be in the form of holes or sawdust that exists in the entrance of the holes. Termites will cause major damage to a home and it is imperative that this pest is treated before the damage makes it to the structure.

Termite & Pest Inspections & Treatment

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