Tent Fumigation Treatments in Oxford, FL for Termite, Cockroach & Bed Bug Infestations

When you see a pest that is running around your home the first thought is to run or grab a shoe. Smashing a pest that is willing to show itself is a great option but it only will take care of the pest that you smooshed. If you see one that is out and about, there are sure to be more pests hiding in your home. That is why using some sort of pest control service is important. The treatments will work to eliminate the pests that have already taken up residency in your home and continue to keep others out. A standard pest control service has the ability to do that but there are some pests that require a more specialized treatment. If you are struggling with termites or a huge infestation of cockroaches for example, you may need to have your home fumigated. The tent and fumigation services is much more specialized and works in a different way.

Pest911 Explains the Difference Between Tent Fumigation & Other Pest Control Treatments

Tent Fumigation: When you are dealing with pests that are in your home, there are options that are available to you. The problem that you may come across with a standard pest control treatment is that the pests you are trying to combat can be in places that the treatment just won’t reach. When it comes to termites they tend to hide in the walls of the home and don’t come out to cross paths with standard pest control treatments. That means they are being left to continue their reign of terror. That is why when you realize that termites have invaded your home you should ask about a tented fumigation treatment. This means that your home will be treated with a gas that is the fumigation portion. The tent literally is a tent. It is a full size cover that will go over the house in its entirety and not allow the gas to escape. The gas is then pumped into the house and will get into each and every area that a pest could potentially be hiding. This is a safe practice because after the treatment is complete the house is then aired out and the gas will dissipate and residue is not left behind. You can then continue with prevention and standard treatments after the fumigation service has been completed. There are some downfalls which include the fact that you must vacate the house for the amount of time that is needed to do the service.
No Tent Termite & Pest Treatments: Your pest control service provider will give you the options that are available depending on the type of pest that you have. There are some pests that are best to treat via tent fumigation while others can be treated in other ways. There is bait, trapping and standard treatments that can be used in your home. This is often the best option for many pest infestations.

Tent Fumigation & More

Pest911 offers custom pest control treatments. After a thorough pest inspection, we will outline your best options and offer our recommendations which may or may not include tent fumigation. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment to treat for termites, cockroaches and other pests.

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