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Summer Lawn Care Guide in Summerfield, FL; How to Keep Grass Green & Pest Free with Fertilizer

Throughout the year you need to make sure that you know what your lawn and shrubs need to survive. The lawn is a huge part of the look of your property and if it is in bad shape it can decrease the value of your house. There are different ways to care for your lawn depending on the type of weather you are dealing with. If you are not caring for your lawn properly it can lead to it dying and you will then be stuck starting over. It is best to understand your lawn and the best way to care for it. You want to make sure that you do your best to care for the lawn and use a professional service as well. Pest 911 outlines how to care for your lawn this summer.

How Long to Water Lawn in Summer?

One of the biggest problems in the summer is knowing what amount of water to use on the lawn. Grass is a growing plant and requires water to get it the nutrients that it needs. There is a better way to water your lawn in the summer. You want to make sure that you water the lawn deeply. This means that you give the lawn more water at a single time so that it has time to soak deep in the ground. The grass should have deep reaching roots and the only way to do that is to make sure that the water gets deep in the soil. You want to give your grass around one inch of water through the week. A tip on testing is to use a can that has straight sides and leave it on the lawn. This will let you see how much water and moisture it is getting and how much more you need to add. If you under water it the roots will not reach far and that will make it hard to keep the moisture. If you over water it can lead to fungal growth. Be sure that you use the proper amount of water on your lawn.

Cutting Grass in Hot Dry Weather

In the summer the grass is still going to grow but it is not going to move as fast as it did in the spring. When you have your lawn cut you want to make sure you don’t cut it too short. You want to make sure the lawn stays a little longer and you can do that by raising up your lawn mower. Then the lawn has more to keep so that it can continue to survive. If it is too short it can brown and die and then it will not come back until the next spring.

Summer Lawn Care Fertilizer

You want to make sure you continue to fertilize your yard. It is important to not over fertilize. The heat can create too much moisture and with the fertilizer too heavy it can lead to the grass being damaged. Be sure that you consult a professional to care for your lawn all year long.

Lawn & Shrub Fertilizer Treatments

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