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Spider Myths in Marion Oaks, FL; Are All Spiders Venomous? Do All Arachnids Spin Webs & More

Each and every day we have conversations about so many different topics. How often do we really sit and fact check the information we are given in our conversations? If you are like most people, the answer is that you do not do this very often. If the person you hear the information from seems credible we do not frequently even think twice about it. While many times the information you are hearing is correct, sometimes it is actually a myth. One topic that we hear lots of myths about is bugs and insects. We hear something about them and we just assume that they person that gave us the information looked it up. Today Pest 911 wants to debunk some of the myths about spiders that you may currently think are true.

Do All Spiders Make Webs?

When you think about spiders you probably also think about their webs. Spiders traditionally spin webs to catch their prey. You probably just assume that all spiders spin webs. This is actually just a myth. Not all spiders will spin webs. The spiders that do not spin webs use different methods for getting their food. Wolf spiders actually hunt their food and jumping spiders simply jump onto their prey.

Are All Spiders Venomous?

Spiders are frequently portrayed in movies and television as dangerous insects. Mainly people assume that all spiders will bite them and the bite will harm them. All spiders do have a venomous bite but only a few species of spiders actually dangerous to humans. Here in the United States only the widow spiders and the recluse spiders actually pose a threat to us.

Do We Eat Spiders in Our Sleep?

For years people have spread the rumor that the average person swallows eight spiders each and every year of their life. This is completely untrue! This rumor was started by a columnist who was trying to prove that people will believe anything that they read. She sent out a list of ridiculous facts, such as this one, to see how many people would believe it. The truth is that the likelihood of you swallowing even one spider in your sleep is extremely unlikely.

Is it True that There is Always a Spider Within 6 Feet of You?

You may have heard that you are always within six feet of a spider. Norman Platnick, an arachnologist, made this statement in 1995. It was not actually based on any physical evidence. He was simply stating that with over 35,000 species of spiders in the world the likelihood of you being six feet away from one is high. This may have some truth to it but has not been proven.

Spider Control

As you can see it is dangerous to simply believe everything that people tell you. If you hear something some any other insects or bugs and want to know if it is true give us a call here at Pest 911 and we can do our best to help you answer your questions.

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