Spider Facts, Myths & Folklore in Oxford, FL; Do Spiders Have 8 Legs or 6 & Do All Species Make Silk?

When it comes to pests there are a few that get a bad rap. They are thought to be the worst of the worst and feared by many. One of those pests that people have a fear of is the spider! They are on the top of the list of most feared pests and that might be for reasons that are not even true. There are scary movies about spiders that focus on some of the negatives but there is a lot of great that they bring too! Although spiders are really not as bad as you think, just like most pests, people simply don’t want them in their house. It is important to have your home treated for all sorts of pests to keep your home from being infested.

Pest911 Lists Myths & Folklore About Spiders & What the Facts Really Are

Do Spiders Have 8 Legs or 6?: When it comes to spiders, one of the characteristics that set them apart is the number of legs they have. We all know that insects tend to have six legs and that spiders have eight. The problem is that not just spiders have eight legs but other arachnids too! If you thought that a spider was the only species that was considered an arachnid you are wrong. There are also scorpions, mites and ticks too! They have eight legs just like a spider does. If you are looking at a pest that has eight legs it could be a spider but it could also be something else too!
Do All Spiders Make Silk & Spin Webs?: Another common way to distinguish the existence of a spider in the area is if you come across a spider web. This is an intricate web that was spun from the silk of a spider. If you see a web, it is a sign of spiders but it might surprise you to know that not all spiders make silk and spin webs. All spiders do have the ability to spin silk but they don’t spin a web. The reason that spiders use a web is to get food. Other pests will get stuck in the web and the spider is able to have a feast. There are many spiders that actually go out and hunt their prey. They don’t use their silk for a web. These spiders live in the ground in a burrow that they cover with silk as a way to secure their nest. That means that there can be spiders around the house with no web to be found.
Is Spider Venom Deadly: Spiders do have fangs that can inject venom into their victim. The venom is deadly but thankfully not usually to people, rather only to other pests. That does not mean that there are not some spiders that have enough venom to cause health concerns in humans though. There are a few species that if they bite can cause some damage to you that will require you to seek the attention of a medical professional.

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