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Rodent Myths in Grand Island, FL; Do Rats & Mice Have Bones? Are Rodents Nocturnal & More

At Pest911 we hear all sorts of “facts” about insects, spiders, rodents and other pests from our customers. As we take the time to talk to our customers about the things they believe are facts we frequently help them see that what they think is true is actually not true at all. Some of what they have heard is indeed true. We love helping them see what is true and what is false when it comes to pests. Today we are going to talk about some of the most common myths that people believe about rodents.

Do Rats & Mice Have Bones

When we get called out to help our customers with rats or mice one of the most common myths that we hear is that rats and mice do not have bones. Many people believe they are able to fit through tiny holes and get into your home because of this myth. The truth is that rats and mice do indeed have bones. Their ribs are very flexible though. This is what allows them to squeeze through tiny spaces and into your home.

Are Mice & Rats Nocturnal?

As we continue talking to our customers about rats and mice we continue to learn about more myths that they believe. Our customers have been correctly told that rice and mats prefer to be nocturnal. Knowing this fact has led them to believe that if you see rodents during the day that you must have a large population of rodents. The truth is that rats and mice come out when there is less danger. They will pay attention to the activity flow in your home and come out when they feel it is safest.

Do Cats & Dogs Keep Rats Away

Next up is the myth that cats and dogs will help with rodent control. Frequently people will get a cat or dog to help get rid of rodents on their property. Some cats and dogs will indeed chase rodents off of your property but others will not do anything to help with rodent control. You will also want to consider that pet food may actually attract more rodents to your home.

How Big Do Rats Get?

We all know that every living thing will continue to grow as time goes on. Many people believe that rats can keep growing and growing and growing until they are as a big as a cat. There have been no known cases of rats that are as large as cats. Even extremely large cats will only grow to be about 2 pounds.

Do Rodents Avoid Water?

Another belief that people have about rodents is that they will avoid water at all costs. When they believe this statement they will put water out around or in their house to help prevent or get rid of rats and mice. This is just another myth though. Rats and mice are not afraid of the water. The Norway rat is actually an excellent swimmer.

Rodent Control

Since people have so many false beliefs about rodents it can be extremely hard for them to effectively get rid of the rodents on their property. That is why it is best to call Pest911 if you find rodents on your property. We have the correct information about rodents that can help us get them off of your property. Call us for all your pest control needs.

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