Pests After Hurricane Irma in Ocklawaha FL; Do Roaches, Insects & Rodents Come Inside When it Rains?

Many Floridians are still coping with the cleanup process after Hurricane Irma. According to the pest control experts at Pest911, home and business owners are often unaware that pest problems, particularly nuisance pests are often accompanied by the onset of inclement weather conditions such as those found in a hurricane. The good news is that the professionals at Pest911 can effectively protect your home from pests before a storm and for those residents, who were unprepared, take care of dealing with them afterwards.

Hurricane Pest Problems

Some of the most prevalent pests found during bad weather include cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, stinging insects and rodents. Wasps with their painful stings can be particularly problematic especially to those who are allergic. Anaphylactic shock can have serious consequences when rescue crews are unable to reach the victim in time due to flooding and debris. Strong wind conditions and heavy rainfall lead nuisance pests such as cockroaches and rodents to seek shelter in buildings during heavy storms. Other considerations include standing water left behind long after the hurricane has moved on creating the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes including the aedes mosquito which can transmit disease such as the Zika virus, chikungunya, dengue fever, malaria, and west Nile virus through a blood meal.

Heavy Rain Forces Pests to Find New Homes

Heavy rain and flood water can saturate the soil forcing insects that normally live on or underground to seek alternative living arrangements. You may become aware of an increase in ants in and around your home during the hurricane season or you may discover a termite colony in an area that has been damaged by moisture. Schedule an appointment with your Pest911 professional to assess the situation and provide an effective treatment plan to eradicate termites and ants before they cause costly damage to your property.

Pest Exclusion; How to Prepare Your House for a Hurricane

Preparing during the hurricane season is crucial to successfully keeping nuisance pests in check. Stocking up on insect repellent with DEET and Picaridin to protect yourself is an important component to protecting you and your family but even more important is preparing your property with regularly scheduled pest control maintenance treatments performed by your Pest911 professionals. If you are concerned that an approaching storm will bring pests into your home consider contacting Pest911 and scheduling an exclusion service to keep cockroaches, ants, and rodents from taking shelter within your home.

Mosquito & Pest Control

Rain after a hurricane or heavy storm often results in an increase in the mosquito population. The center for disease control and prevention (CDC) recommends that use of products which contain DEET for use on the skin and Picaridin for use on clothing and shoes. Both chemicals are effective when used to repel mosquitoes. Other considerations include removing standing water sources from around your property and using products containing larvacide to treat pools of standing water caused by flood water. Pay attention to areas around your home including bird baths, flower pots, clogged gutters, pet bowls, trash cans etc. To learn more about protecting your Central Florida home from nuisance pests, contact the knowledgeable experts at Pest911 today!

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