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Pest Phobias in Ocklawaha, FL; Entomophobia, Katsaridapohobia & Musophobia Fears

If you are like most people you likely have some kind of phobia. There are fears and phobias of all kinds of things from clowns and heights to open water. There is a level that exists that is just considered a fear but there is another level that is called a phobia. If you have a phobia it means that you have an extreme fear of something that seems to be irrational. You also may have an aversion to it and want to be far away from the phobia. There are many phobias that are out there and in that includes many that have to do with pests that you might come across on a regular basis. The best way to control a phobia that includes a pest is to have pest control services to treat your house and keep them out. Pest 911 outlines some common phobias people have regarding pests.

Entomophobia; Phobia of Bugs

There are lots of pests that exist in the world and some people think that you have to have a fear in a specific one. Although there are very specific phobias you can have a phobia in all insects. This is called entomophobia and means that you have a fear when there are any and all insects around you and where you are. This is a fear that might be quite hard to deal with since you will come across insects day and night. If this is your fear it is best to have your home treated with pest control services to help ease your fears.

Katsaridapohobia; Fear of Cockroaches

If you don’t have a fear in all insects but there is one that send you running and screaming you can still have a phobia. The fear of cockroaches is called katsaridaphobia and is not good for anyone that enjoys the summer months. Although cockroaches are found all year long they are heavy in the warmer months and that means that the summer can be a problem with this phobia. They breed and get access to your house in the summer and then remain a problem when the temperature’s start to drop.

Musophobia; Afraid of Mice or Rats

You may not have a fear in the creepy crawling insects and bugs that invade houses but a furry little invader may be your phobia. Musophobia is a fear in rats and mice and can cause a severe reaction if you are found face to face with one. The interesting thing is that mice and even rats are also used as pets which makes this far the other end of the spectrum. You want to make sure that you have your home treated and sealed to keep them out of your house.
Arachnophobia: This is a phobia that many people have heard of and it has been used in the bright lights of Hollywood. There are games, movies and shows that revolve around the fear of spiders which is called arachnophobia. This is a fear that plaques many people even though spiders are good for eating other pests that might be in and around your house.

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