Pest Control Tools to Keep Insects & Pests Away from Your Home & Garden in Ocala, FL

When you are dealing with pests of any kind you want to know that you are doing all that you can. One of the best ways to deal with pests is to hire a pest control company. We are able to come out and treat your home. The treatment can help to get rid of the pests that are already infesting the home and help to prevent them from returning. The pest control company will often offer specialty services to deal with particular pests such as mosquitoes and termites. But it often doesn’t hurt to use some tools that you can pick up on your own. Sometimes seeing a pest killed is satisfactory. You can help control pests that may be getting too close to your home, as long as you are working with a professional pest control company. If you are going strictly a DIY route, you may actually make the pest infestation worse!

Pest911 Lists Tools You Can Use To Help Keep Pests Away From Your Home & Garden

Indoor Bug Zapper: There are some different zappers that you can use to attack a pest that might be bothering you. You can purchase a zapper that is hung up under an eave or around the house that will produce a bright light. The light attracts the pest and when they fly in the device they are zapped and killed. You can also use a hand held zapper that you can swat around the room. It looks just like a tennis racket and is aligned with electricity. The electricity is enough to kill a pest that may be flying by you or around your home. The problem is that you have to chase down one pest at a time and hope they fly in your vicinity. It can be difficult and you have to deal with a pest that is already in your home. When you use a pest control company they are able to prevent the pests from getting in your home.
Standard Fly Swatter: Okay there are homes all over that will have a fly swatter. The fly swatter is a simple device that is usually made from metal or plastic with some flexibility. You use it as a fly speeds past you or lands on your couch or counter. This is what can kill off flies and other pests but just like the other options it is a single pest at a time.
Burn an Ant with a Magnifying Glass: It is not as common nowadays for people or kids to take a magnifying glass outside to play with. Most people only see them on their grandparents night stand where they use it to finish the Sunday paper. But they can be used for other purposes. Although they are to help magnify an object they also transmit light and heat. The fun part is when you take one outdoors and use the light from the sun to cause a burn. You can find a nuisance ant hill and condense the heat to that particular location. The heat will burn the ants and kill them off. The problem is that ants live in colonies that can reach the thousands. With that said a magnifying glass heating up a single ant at a time is pretty futile. That is why using a professional service is the way to go. And if they are fire ants, you may inadvertently make them angry and want to attack you! Ants can release a pheromone that is a call to other ants to come to their aid.

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