Insecticides VS Pesticides in Belleview, FL; Definitions & Classifications of Pest Control Products

Often you’ll hear pest control companies or commercial product advertisements use terms such as insecticides or pesticides. Many will wonder what is the difference or many will assume there is no difference in the two pest control products as they are both designed to help control and prevent a pest invasion. Pest911 will share the differences between the two products and how they should be properly used in order to clear up any confusion you may have.

Insecticides Definition & Classification

In all actuality, insecticide is a pesticide. However an insecticide is a pesticide that is designed to prevent, repel, and even destroy or control the pests that are under economical threshold levels. Most insecticides are also designed to target eggs, and early larval stages of the various insects. Insecticides are comprised of different chemical compounds such as botanical insecticides, oranophosporus and organochloride compounds, synthetic pyrethroid and chitin inhibitors. These chemicals are what help classify insecticides. Some other chemical properties of insecticides are stomach, contact, systemic toxicant, and fumigants. Systemic insecticides are designed to kill pests through ingesting or feeding the pests toxins. Some systemic insecticides are used on plants so yard damaging pests are bettered controlled. Where contact toxicants are designed to kill on contact, they are one of the most frequent types of insecticides used.

Meaning of Pesticides

Pesticides are designed as a killing agent. There are two forms of pesticides used to control various types of pests. One is a mixture of substances that are designed to prevent, destroy, and control pests. The other pesticides are an economical poison that is used to destroy, prevent and control animal pests, weeds, or pathogens. Like insecticides, there are chemical compounds that classify pesticides into three different groups. These three groups are chemical nature, target organism, and physical structure. The target organisms are used to target insects and have their own mini set of categories such as termicide, tickicides, avicides, and miticides which help to target certain pests directly. The chemical compounds of pesticides consist of granules, emulsifiable, wettable powders, and other similar powder agents to create pesticides. Pesticide main difference from insecticide is that there are groups of pesticides that are designed for birds, rodents, and other forms of wildlife control. They help protect homes and commercial property from all kinds of pests. Unlike insecticides, they are targeted mainly for just insects.

Custom Pest Management

When a pest control company is called out to a commercial property or business building, as well as residential housing we will determine what pests are present and which methods will best help control and destroy the invading, uninvited guests. However insecticides and pesticides aren’t the only form of pest control that is used. Traps and other deterrents are often accompanied with the used of pesticides and insecticides. Both pesticides and insecticides come in various forms such as spray, powders, bait and poisons. If your business and its property, or your home is under siege from any pest, Pest911 can help defend your domain. With our experienced crews, we will help find the best pest control method to defend you from pests. Contact Pest911 to begin your pest defense today!

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