How to Prevent & Get Rid of Ghost, White Footed, Carpenter, Fire & Crazy Ants in Weirsdale FL

Ants seem to be around all year round when you live in Florida and they can be real nuisance.

Ants Found in Florida

Ghost Ants– These ants are considered the number one nuisance ant that can be found in homes and structures. They are tiny and measure 1/16”. They have a head and thorax that is darker than their abdomen with light colored legs that are almost translucent. Their tiny size and coloring makes them very hard to see and are the reason they are called ghost ants. Ghost ants are active all year round in Florida. They like to eat foods that are high in protein and those that are sweet. They are not dangerous or destructive but are a nuisance pest.
White Footed Ants– These are Very small ants that only measure about 1/8”. They are black to brownish-black with yellowish-white feet. They have a one-segmented waist and are most active during the rainy season in Florida. This is when plants are growing and insects that provide honeydew are plentiful. Honeydew is a major source of food for white-footed ants. They will also feed on dead insects and other sources of protein. These ants don’t sting or bite but can cause structural damage and are nuisance pests.
Black Crazy Ants– These ants are uniformly dark brown to black in color and about 1/8” in size. If you get a close look you’ll notice they have longer legs and antennae than other ants their size. Florida’s mild weather allows these ants to be active all year round. They like to forage for household food sources that are sweet or greasy and can cover food completely in just a short amount of time. They are not dangerous or destructive but a nuisance none the less.
Florida Carpenter Ants– These ants are mostly reddish to orange in color but are black at the front section. They can be 1/5” to ½” in size and are active throughout the year. They are highly attracted to wood that is damaged. These ants eat sweets along with dead insects and honeydew. They can be destructive because while they don’t eat the wood, they excavate it to make galleries to nests.
Fire Ants– These ants range in size from 1/8” to ¼” and are uniformly a dark brown to red color. They are active in Florida all year long. They will seek out warm, humid environments and feed on sugars, fruits and will also eat grease and lipids. Fire ants can be dangerous because they sting and if there’s an allergic reaction to the venom it can be fatal.
Caribbean Crazy Ants– These ants are golden-brown to reddish-brown in color with a body that is glossy and smooth. They are named “crazy” because of their quick and erratic movements. They can be active all year round but will stay in their nest if temperatures dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. They are attracted to honeydew and dead insects. They do not sting or bite but are a nuisance pest.

Ant Control

While most ants are harmless, they’re still a nuisance and still pests. If you’re having a problem with ants, contact Pest911.

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