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How to Prevent & Get Rid of Brown Recluse, Wolf & Jumping Spiders in Marion Oaks, FL

When you are starting to worry about pests most people are scared of almost any of them but spiders often top the list. Spiders are a pest that if you think about it are a benefit because they eat other pests that are in and around your house. Although they are a benefit most people do not want to have them in your house. They are creepy and they can give a bite that is anything from an annoyance to verging on a medical problem. It is a good idea to know about the spiders that are in your area and what it looks like if you happen to be bitten. There are some that offer a venomous bite that can cause you harm. Pest 911 outlines what you need to know about watching out for spiders.

Brown Recluse Spiders

The spider that tops of the list of what you need to watch out for is called a brown recluse. They are a spider that you can find often in and around a home. They are best known for the marking that they have on them in the shape of a violin. They are typically brown in color and they like to hide away and are usually shy. That does not mean that they will not offer a bite to someone that comes in on their territory. They don’t want to feel trapped which is similar to most living things. When they do you may experience a bite. The first day it may see like no big deal but it will get worse over time. After around 24 hours the area will be red, swollen, itchy and you may feel fever and nausea set in. The biggest problem that people have when bitten by a brown recluse is that the skin around the bite may start to die off. This will require you to seek medical attention.

Wolf Spiders

The next type of spider that you might come across is the wolf spider. This is a spider that can look very scary and can send you running. They are large and have thick legs that are covered in a layer of hairs. That makes it seem even larger and with the short thick legs it can seem frightening. The great thing is that the spider is not considered venomous to a person and if you are bitten it will only cause a small irritation. They also will not try to bite but are found on the ground living so stepping on one and causing a bite are likely.

Jumping Spiders

These are an interesting spider in terms of their eyes. They have four on the front of their head and four on top. They have great eyesight and are thought to be able to see in color similar to a human. They crouch and will jump on their prey when it passes by. They are also more curious than most spiders which mean they wont run off but will stat to see a little clearer. This behavior can come off as being a bit aggressive but their bite is not one to be concerned about.

Spider Control

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