How to Prevent Flying Termite Swarmers & Protect Your Summerfield, FL House from Termites

With the change the in weather there is also a change in how we dress, act and what we do. The reason is that the weather determines how much time people are willing to spend outdoors. When it is cold out people want to stay inside where it is nice and warm. The same is with pests! Most pests don’t like the cold weather and many of them need to find a place indoors to survive. Their survival depends on them finding a warm place to stay which is why they often infest homes during the winter. The spring time is a whole new ball game. Now all the pests that went into a hibernation state in the winter will start to emerge. When they emerge you better be ready for the influx of pests that are sure to start coming around and in your home. One pest that is a major problem when the weather starts to warm up are termites. Termites are a huge problem for homeowners all over the United States. They actually chew through and eat wood that is exposed. That means that if they gain access to your home they can cause some major damage. That is why you need to be aware of what a termite swarms look like and what you can do to keep them out of your home.

Pest911 Explains How You Can Prevent Termite Swarms this Early Spring

What is a Termite Swarm?: One pest that causes a lot of damage each year to homes is the termite. They are a huge colony that spend their day and night eating wood that is exposed. The wood that they will eat will be wood beams, dead wood piles and other fibrous debris. If you think you are seeing a termite swarm you want to call out a professional that can make the determination. We are able to inspect the property right away before the termites are able to cause damage. The swarm will start early in the spring and will look like flying ants that are all traveling together.
Treat Exposed Wood to Protect it from Termites: You want to make sure you do what you can to get rid of what termites love to eat. You can’t go replace all the beams in your home with metal bars but you can protect them. The way you do that is to go around your home and seal any wood that is exposed. This can be a wood deck that is worn out. It can be the eaves on your home that have chipped paint or the crawl space under your house. Lastly you need to check the siding around your home to make sure that there are no gaps. If there are, there is the potential that the wood is exposed and the termites will start to feed.
Keep Termites Out of Wood Piles: You also want to make sure that you remove any wood that is piled around your home. This is a perfect invitation for the termites to stop. You want to make sure that your wood pile is covered up ad pulled away from the house.

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