How to Prevent Field Mouse from Entering Your Marion Oaks, FL Home & Garden

Mice are a common pest that homeowners may fight all year long. However the winter season is typically the worst time and towards the end of winter you may find your home completely infested. Field mice are one of the most common species of mice next to the house mouse. Field mice can quickly invade homes and cause damage. They contaminate food and leave behind harmful viruses and diseases. Pest911 will share how to identify and control field mice around your home.

Field Mouse Identification

Field mice can vary in color depending on the species of field mice that has invaded your home. The coloring of most field mice ranges from brown, yellowish tan, to black with a white under belly. Field mice also have very short, fine hair on their ear and tails where they appear almost hairless. They also have a large pair of eyes and ears to help detect predators.

Where Do Field Mice Live?

Field mice, as their name suggests, live in fields or in tall grasslands where they feed on seed, grains and wild vegetation. During the cold winter season, field mice will invade your home to find shelter and food. They will eat just about anything they can find. They are extremely curious creatures and are quite bold. They mostly come out at night to feed. However, it is not uncommon to see them roaming around during the day. When field mice invade your home they can quickly infest it since female field mice can reproduce anywhere from two to five pups at a time. Within six weeks field pups are mature enough to begin reproducing themselves.

What Attracts Field Mice to Your Home?

Many might wonder how they got field mice in the first place. Field mice, along with other rodent species, are excellent climbers. Therefore they often climb, jump or even swim their way into homes and structures. They can squeeze through the tightest of cracks. Once you start looking at the advantages mice have, you can quickly see how vulnerable your home really is. Once mice invade your home they can damage plumbing, electrical wiring, walls and contaminate your food. This is why it is important to practice exclusion.

How to Prevent Field Mice from Entering Your Home?

Exclusion means to prevent mice from entering your home. Look for weak points in your home, such as doors and windows with gaps, open attic and dryer vents, and even plumbing. Big open areas such as attics or dryer vents along with chimneys require proper air flow. It is recommended that you cover these areas with fine wire mesh to help keep mice and other pests out of your home. Replace weather stripping and use caulking glues to seal gaps around your home. Additionally, maintain clean yards. The cleaner and more open your yard is, the more dangerous it is for field mice. Additionally keep the inside of your home clean and clutter free. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink or discarded food or crumbs. Maintain your home’s plumbing. Leaky pipes supply rodents with water. No shelter, no food, no water, often means no mice.

Rodent Control

However, if mice do invade your home even with your best efforts, contact a quality pest control service. They can place traps and bait and provide removal services. If you need help controlling mice or other pests around your home, contact Pest911 for all of your pest control needs.

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