How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Patio, Porch & Yard at Night in Summerfield, FL

No other pest in the world seems to be more irritating than the mosquito. Their itchy, irritating bites and the whiny hum of their buzzing wings as they zip around you is very irritating. Add to that they can carry some of humanity’s most deadly diseases. Mosquito-borne disease causes millions of deaths worldwide every year.

Hurricane Irma’s Effect on Mosquito Populations

Hurricane Irma has added to an already high number of mosquitoes that live in Florida. The heavy rains that followed the storm only helped the mosquitoes breed. Add to that the piles of debris that was laying everywhere that held water for them to breed. This often happens after a storm because a lot of rainfall will flood them out.

Mosquito Season in Florida

One of the best things about living in Florida is the year-round temperate weather, but this perk comes with a price; a mosquito season that can last almost the entire year. There is no clear beginning or end to mosquito season in Florida due to the warm and moist weather. The threshold for mosquito season is 50 degrees. When temperatures dip below that, mosquitoes will die off and above it they can thrive. Florida is home to some 80 known species of mosquitoes. This is more than any other state and 33 of these species can cause issues for people and pets, with 13 of them able to carry diseases that can very serious like West Nile, Zika or encephalitis.

When Does Mosquito Season in Florida End?

Unfortunately, mosquitoes don’t ever really go away. You can always find them hanging around, even in the winter months. Chances are you won’t see them in December and January but if the days are warm then you may. Mosquitoes can survive the winter months by remaining in the larval stage. Female mosquitoes will lay eggs at the end of fall with the eggs placed in damp soil where they can stay dormant until spring. Once the rain starts and the temperatures rise, they will hatch. To ensure you don’t have large numbers of mosquitoes when spring arrives, winter is the time to take action. So what can you do? Make sure you empty any standing water that collects in toys, birdbaths, gutters, tarps, pots, old tires, etc. As the warmer months approach place round cakes of bacteria to pools of water. These cakes dissolve and kill any mosquito larvae that were left during the winter.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can make spending time outdoors less enjoyable. If you are having problems keeping these pests at bay, contact Pest911 for help. We can survey your property and come up with a plan for treatment that will work best for your situation.

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