How to Get Rid of & Prevent Carpenter Ants & Nests in the Walls of Your Weirsdale, FL Home

Florida is home to many ant species and Florida carpenter ants are a nuisance to deal with, but they get a bad rap that they may not deserve. Their name suggest that they like to destroy wood, but they don’t. There are carpenter ants that cause structural damage and are of great concern to homeowners but not this one. The Florida carpenter ant isn’t considered one of the harmful species of carpenter ants found in the state. They are active all year round in Florida because the mild temperatures are ideal, and they can’t tolerate extreme cold. This species is the most common one found around residential areas.

Carpenter Ant Identification

Florida carpenter ants have black abdomens with reddish-brown thoraxes and heads. Colonies of these ants can number up to eight thousand ants. They average 5/8th of an inch in length. In late spring and early summer, you may see them with wings, which is why they can be mistaken for termites. They do not bite, or sting and they don’t destroy wood. They only nest in wooden structures that have already been destroyed. The biggest problem with these ants is the large numbered colonies that cause them to look for food in our homes. They will create a colony within wood that is often buried or partially buried in the soil. They also set up satellite colonies and maintain contact between the two colonies with well-defined trails. Colonies typically include one queen but there can be others. Insects are a major part of their diet. As colonies grow they eject frass. Frass is wood chips and other debris like leftover parts of insects. You will usually see frass before you realize you’re dealing with these ants.

Carpenter Ant Prevention

Ants enter our homes in search of moisture and food. So, the best way to prevent them from coming in is to control moisture issues and step up sanitation practices. Outside, reduce excessive amounts of moisture and remove wood materials that aren’t needed to make your property less attractive. The carpenter ant nest needs to be located and killed to completely get rid of these ants. Satellite colonies also need to be treated directly’ along with any trails that they use between their nests. Once the colony have been completely eradicated, you will need to seal up as many of the entry points that future ants might use.

Ant Control

Ants can be difficult to control due to their foraging habits and colony development. For these reasons it’s best to contact professionals to start routine pest services to prevent infestations in the future. And if you see signs of carpenter ants such as signs of wood shavings, rustling noises coming from the walls and/or discard wings from swarmers etc, contact the experts at Pest911 to begin treatment today!

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