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How to Get Rid of Palm Rats in Ocklawaha, FL; Signs of Palm Rat Infestations & More

The last thing you want to see when you’re cleaning your home is a rat. Worse than that would be discovering you have an infestation. Where do they come from? If you live in Florida, they may be coming from those palm trees you have on your property. Palm rats can become a nightmare for homeowners and are one of the biggest pests in Florida.

Palm Rat Identification

Palm rats are also known as roof rats. They are more likely to be found in tropical climates. They are great climbers and nest above the ground in trees. Palm trees are found in tropical climates and roof rats will prefer to nest in them thus earning their name. Palm rats love palm trees because they provide protection from the elements and the prying eyes of predators. Palm rats are gray, black to brownish in color with lighter bellies. Palm rats measure 12 to 14 inches in length and their main source of food is fruit. They will gnaw on electrical wiring, look for food in your kitchen and garbage, and if you have a garden, they can destroy it as they feed on vegetables, plants and fruits. Palm rats can even damage roof tiles as they chew through the sealant that holds them together. This gives them access to your home. Their chewing habits are cause for concern, but they are also dangerous to have around because they can spread disease. They can spread bubonic plaque, typhus, salmonella, rat-bite fever and leptospirosis, to name a few. They also carry fleas. Palm rats can produce as many as 20 offspring every year, and they live between two to three years, which is why youll want to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Signs of a Palm Rat Infestation

You can get a head start on getting an infestation under control if you can identify the signs that you’re dealing with them. Some signs that indicate a problem include:
Droppings. Rats produce ½ inch long droppings that have pointed ends.
Gnaw marks. Gnaw marks on electrical wires, furniture and the roof and eaves of your home.
Foot & grease tracks. As rats travel through your home they will leave foot tracks and grease trails behind.
Noises. Rats create scratching noises as they move through your home, especially at night.
Hollowed out fruit. In your kitchen or garden, hollowed out fruit is a sign of rats.
Keep palm rats out of your home by sealing any potential point of entry, trimming tree branches they can use to get to your roof and to eliminate nesting sites and eliminate food sources.

Rodent Control

Palm rats are a danger to your home, your family and even your pets. Professional pest control is the most effective way to get rid of them. Professionals have the training and know-how to get rid of these pests and ensure your home is safe from further damage. Give Pest 911 a call to handle any pest infestation.

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