How to Get Rid of Ant Pests in Your Ocklawaha, FL House & Why We Should Not Squish Ants!

You might be under the impression that ants are only a problem on a nice spring day. This is just not the case since ants live all year round. They use the warmer months to collect food that they will need to get through the colder winter months. They do their best to be prepared but there are also times that they need to come out and find more food. This means that the colony will be active and that they will continue to invade even in the winter if necessary. Now that you are aware that ants can still be a problem all year round it is best to know what you can do about them. They are not a typical pest that you can kill the ones see but they need to be treated in the correct manner or you will continue to have problems. Be sure that you are taking the correct steps so that your once small invasion doesn’t explode in numbers!

Why We Should NOT Squish Ants

If you are like most people your first instinct when you see a pest of any kind is to either smack it with a shoe or run. Neither of these options are best for dealing with ants. The interesting thing is that ants are not a single pest but work as a team with an entire colony. The ants are each given a job that they need to do to keep the colony healthy. There are some that tend to the newly born ants, some that care for the queen ant, some that defend the colony and others that go out to collect food. Although there are thousands of ants in a single colony they all work together. That means that if there are ants that don’t pull their weight or never come back they are quickly replaced. So if you are choosing to just smoosh the ants that you see on the kitchen counter there are thousands more that are standing by ready to take over their job. Store bought pest control sprays will only kill off the ants that you can see which is the same problem you will have with smooshing what you can see.

How to Keep Ants from Coming in House

If you see ants on your counter it can be hard to not quickly wipe them away and get rid of them but patience is key. You can use some natural scents that will stop the line of ants from wanting to pass by. You can use peppermint or vinegar to stop them from crossing the line that they are using to enter your home.

Ant Control

You also want to call out a professional pest control company that have the ability to treat the ants at the source. You want the ants to take bait back to their nest so that all the ants are treated at the same time.
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