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Honey Bee Facts in Ocala, FL; Role of Bees in a Hive, Colony Collapse Disorder & More

Every day we encounter so many different things in our lives. If you stop to think about all of the different things you come into contact with on any given day the list is pretty amazing. There will be things on that list that you are extremely familiar with and others that you do not know that much about. On any given day you will run into numerous bugs. How much do you really know about the insects that you see? Today Pest 911 is going to give you some interesting facts about one insect that you likely run into on a regular basis, the bee. Different species of bees live all over the world. The kind of bee species that you see will vary depending on what part of the country you live in. We are going to highlight the honey bee today. If you have watched “The Bee Movie” you already know some of the things that we will share with you.

Roles of Bees in a Hive

You may also hear a bee hive called a colony. All of the bees are divided into three different groups. Each different group has a very specific job to perform to keep the colony functioning properly. First up is the queen bee. The queen bee’s job is to keep the hive running and lay eggs. There are also worker bees. Worker bees are female bees that forage for food; build and protect the hive; and clean and circulate air by beating their wings. If you see a bee flying around outside the hive it is probably a worker bee. The last type of bee is a drone bee. Drone bees are male bees. They mate with the queen.

Bee Personality Characteristics

Just like humans, bees have personalities. Studies show that even though bees are separated into groups not all of the bees in that group behave the same. If you think back “The Bee Movie” you will remember the clever way that the movie portrayed this interesting tidbit.

Local Honey for Allergies

Many people use local honey to help reduce their allergies. When allergy season starts thousands of people throughout the country begin suffering from numerous allergy symptoms. Eating honey that was made by local bees will help reduce these symptoms. If you are not sure where to find local honey try and find a local health food store or a farmer’s market.

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

Over the last 15 years bee colonies have been disappearing. Scientists have been studying this phenomenon and cannot detect the reason for this. They refer to it as the colony collapse disorder. Billions of honey bees across the world are simply leaving their hives and never returning. Studies report that up to 90% of bees have disappeared in some regions.

Stinging Insect Removal

We hope that the information that we shared with you today helped you learn at least one new thing about honey bees. While honey bees can be amazing, having them on your property is not something that most homeowners want. If you have honey bees on your property give Pest 911 a call today. We can come out and remove the bees before they harm you or your loved ones.

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