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Halloween Pests; Creepy Insects, Scary Spiders & Disgusting Rodents in Belleview, FL

There are lots of pests you want to make sure you are careful of throughout the year. There are pests that are more common when the sun is out and it is hot outside. You may see more bees and other stinging pests. When the weather is starting to get cold out you will start to notice that more and more pests are trying to get in the house. They want to have a spot they can get out of the weather and warm up just like we all do. With the holiday season fast approaching you may be ready to take on some decorating. The first holiday of the season is to get ready for Halloween. This is a time of year that people want to have fun dressing up and getting scared. If you want to get your home ready you may have some of the pests that are used all the time to create a good scare. There are some pests that are a standard during Halloween but a plastic replica is better than the actual thing! Pest 911 outlines what pests are commonly used as spooky décor for halloween.

Giant Spider Halloween Decoration

One of the pests that most people will go out and get to use as a way to decorate for Halloween is the spider. You can go to the store to buy some plastic spiders that you can then place around the house to scare any guests. You also can buy some webbing that you can hang around your home and yard. This can make the spiders seem more real. Spiders are scary for most people and seeing them around the house is a quick fright. Spiders are also used in movies when they want to cause a scare. This just makes them even scarier for people that may already have a fear of spiders. There are lots of species of spiders that you might have hanging around your house.

Halloween Rats & Mice

Another creepy pest that is commonly used during Halloween to create a scare are rats and mice. The rats and mice are known for scurrying around and jumping out when you happen across one. Rats and mice have small beady eyes and can come in groups. You can go out and buy plastic mice and rats or even some that have batteries so you can move them around. You want to make sure that you are only seeing fake mice and rats around your house this year. If you notice any real ones it is best to have your home treated by a pest control professional. The real ones can even bring with them disease that can make your family sick.

Creepy Crawly Worms

There are some pests used to make you think you’re eating one rather than the food that you are used to. When it comes to the pest that is used most worms and centipedes are top of the list. You can use noodles in a bowl that represent worms that you can then feed your family. If you want to keep worms, centipedes and other pests out of your house call a pest control company right away.

Fall Pest Control

Pest 911 can come out to make sure that your home is only decorated with fake pests this Halloween season. Call us today for all your pest control needs!

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