Getting Rid of House Mice in Summerfield, FL & the Dangers & Health Hazards Rodents Pose

Floridians have their fair share of pests terrorizing their homes and businesses. Rodents are among them and with the various rodents that often infiltrate homes and commercial spaces, house mice top the list. It only takes a crack the size of a dime for a house mouse to infiltrate a building. Like most pests in general, house mice will break into buildings when food is scarce or to escape the extreme weather. When house mice infest your home, there are some suggestive signs that indicate their presence and we at Pest911 would like to share the cues with you.

Dangers & Health Hazards of Mice in Homes; Damage & Diseases

Being very adaptable, house mice can adjust their habits and live just as easily outside as they do inside. However, generally house mice prefer to avoid human interaction. House mice pose two primary concerns when living in close proximity to the building or inside homes. The first concern is costly repairs as they are responsible for damaging the structure and utility lines in search of food as well as nesting materials. The second concern is potential to spread germs, bacteria, and diseases presenting a health risk as they contaminate food and leave their waste wherever they happen to be.

Signs of a House Mouse Infestation

In no time at all, house mice can quickly infest your home, increasing the damage and health problems with their notorious ability to reproduce quickly. Though they generally breed in spring and fall living outside, house mice will reproduce all year long when living inside. It is essential you respond with professional assistance immediately at first discovery of their presence. Below you will see some of the red signs that indicate their presence.
1) Darting Movements. House mice generally establish specific traveling patterns when they traverse the terrain and are likely to be seen hugging the walls to offer more protection. You can catch glimpses of them in your peripherals as they get to and fro at high speeds.
2) Scratching Sounds. The sounds of their pitter-patter derived of their footsteps can frequently be heard as the house mice skitter about. Not only can you hear their movements, but the scratching and gnawing behind the walls as they nest and navigate through the home can also be heard. Their activities can go on behind the walls and above ceilings most often than not.
3) Trails of Crumbs. To reach the food packaged away in the pantry and cupboards, house mice will literally chew their way through packaging. As their teeth and claws are no match for paper, cardboard, and flimsy plastic wraps, they can easily reach their bounty. The packaging itself will look like chewed through and small trails of food remnants often remains behind
4) Nesting Signs. When they are close to giving birth, house mice will construct nests. Insulation and other materials are often used and finding the traces or destroyed upholstery and such, suggest their nesting habits.
5) Mouse Urine & Feces Droppings. Rodents, even house mice, will urinate and/or defecate wherever they happen to be when the need arises. You will find their pellet size poop around their traveling patterns and especially where they are pilfering food and nesting materials.

Rodent Control

If you suspect house mice are in your home or business, call in the experts of Pest911 and let our specialists present a custom pest control plan.

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