Florida Mosquito Season in Weirsdale, FL; When Are Mosquitoes Most Active & How to Prevent Them

Many wonder if Florida has a mosquito season or is it a year around problem due to the constant warm and humid climate. It is true Florida is the perfect climate for mosquitoes where they can thrive year around. However there is a peak during the year where mosquito populations explode. Pest911 will explain more about Florida’s mosquito season and the species found buzzing around Florida homes.

When Are Mosquitoes Most Active?

Essentially, Florida is plagued with mosquitoes all year long due to Florida’s warm and humid climates. However it is during the spring and summer seasons where mosquito populations become the most active. Spring and summer rains create the prefect opportunity for mosquito reproduction which in turn increases their population. Mosquito population depends on two major factors: One is rainfall and the other is warmer temperatures. This is why even in Florida there is a Mosquito season. During the winter months, temperatures remain higher than the rest of the east coast. Florida winters can get as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit which isn’t quite warm enough for them to reproduce. However it is not cold enough for mosquitoes to die either. Additionally, mosquito lava is aquatic and requires warm water which Florida has in great abundance. Keep in mind, temperature doesn’t always meet the needs for mosquito larva to develop until summer. However due to Florida’s climate they provide breeding grounds for both native mosquito species and passing species.

Mosquito Borne Disease

Florida is home to over 80 different species of mosquitoes and at least 33 of these species are known to carry harmful viruses and diseases that can be passed to humans, and many household pets, and livestock. There is also about 13 species known to carry the life threatening West Nile and Zika virus.

Mosquito Prevention

To control and prevent mosquitoes isn’t the easiest task here in the state of Florida. Due to our climate they are a never ending pest. Nonetheless, there are a few ways you can deter mosquitoes and reduce population around your home.
Remove Standing Water to Prevent Mosquitoes – One way is to prevent and remove any standing water, including your pet’s water bowl. If possible, keep pet bowls inside the home. Some other additional places to check for standing water are in gutter systems, garbage disposals, and lawn or garden beds. Attempt to prevent puddles or other sources of standing water. Mosquitoes also hide in thick brush or in yard debris. It is important in Florida to maintain yards by pruning trees and brushes and regular mowing lawns.
Professional Pest Control – Another beneficial way to reduce population is by contacting a professional pest control company. Often pest control companies will use foggers which place a barrier around your home and yard that lasts anywhere from one to three months.
Mosquito Repellents – It is recommended to wear long sleeves and wear repellents to help prevent bites when outdoors.

Mosquito Control

If you have a major mosquito population and need help controlling them, contact Pest911. We provide pest control services including mosquito control. Don’t become a victim of a nasty virus carried by mosquitoes. Contact a professional pest control company. For all your pest control needs, contact Pest911 today.

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