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Fall & Winter Yard Care Tips in Mount Dora, FL to Avoid Lawn Destroying Insects & More

Living in sunny Florida might have you thinking you don’t need to worry about your lawn as fall is here and winter approaches. Lawn care in Florida is different from most of the rest of the United States. You want to prepare your lawn so it can take on the cooler temperatures of winter and burst through when warmer temperatures return.

Lawn Fertilizer

Grass should be fertilized during the growing season, not when its ready to “sleep” for the winter. You might end up damaging your lawn if you use a fertilizer that has too much nitrogen and too little potassium. These fertilizers can cause new growth at the wrong time of year and can result in cold injury to the grass.

Lawn Mowing Maintenance

Don’t put your lawnmower away just yet. You don’t need to cut the grass as often in the fall, but when that first significant temperature drop occurs, you should cut back on the trimming. Grass growth slows down even in areas that remain sunny most of the winter. Cutting it too often can destroy it. You should also adjust the blades, so they aren’t cutting the grass too low.

Grass Watering

Watering too much in the fall can have a negative effect on your lawn. Again, temperature will drop even with all the sun during the winter months. That means your lawn won’t need as much water. Overwatering can also freeze the roots. Look, feel, and walk your lawn to get an idea of how much watering it needs and adjust irrigation systems if you rely on them.

Pre Emergent Herbicides

For lawns that have a history of weeds that crop up each winter, you can apply a preemergence herbicide in the fall. It’s important to use these herbicides at the right time to prevent these weed seeds from germinating. It’s too late to apply the herbicide once seedlings are visible. Using these herbicides incorrectly can also lead to weak and stunted lawn roots.

Florida Lawn Pests

Pests like armyworms and webworms can be active during fall. You will know you’re dealing with them if your lawn looks like it’s been mowed very closely. Leaf blades will have notched edges upon closer examination. Large patch fungus is also common as the weather cools. It creates circular brown areas on your lawn. These areas can expand and grow to several feet or larger in diameter and can look like donuts when the grass in the center remains green. Mole crickets can tunnel through grass making areas of your lawn feel spongy when you walk on them. Cinch bugs continue to be active, more so if fall turns out to be warm and dry. Areas in sunny parts of the lawn that suddenly turn yellow and then brown within days is an indication that you’re dealing with cinch bugs. Fire ants also tend to remain active during fall, especially if it’s moist.

Lawn Care

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