Do Ants Have Different Jobs in Ocklawaha, FL? Worker, Soldier, Caretaker & Queen Ant Roles

When you look out at the community that you live in you will see all sorts of people. There are some people that work at the local grocery store, some at the school and others that build needed products so that our society can function. Each person has a job that is needed for the community to work. The same goes for a colony of ants. They are a pest that you can find invading your home during any time of the year. They are in search of food and that is why your kitchen is the number one area they are found. Ants are one of the few pests that are not scared when you walk in the door. They are likely to continue collecting what they came for. Many people choose to try and kill the ants that they see. The problem is that the ants are part of a huge community and that means that killing a select few on the counter will not do much to stop the parade. You need to make sure that the ants are treated from the source to stop their progress. The ants that are in the colony all have a different job to do.

Pest911 Lists Different Jobs Ants Have Within an Ant Colony

Worker Ants: One of the jobs that an ant will have is to be a worker. This is one of the most important jobs for the community. The workers are the ones that you will see hanging out on your kitchen counters. The reason is that they are out in the open looking for food. They have a job to work to get food that they can take apart and grab a piece to take back to the colony. They are not just taking food back for themselves but for all the rest of the colony that is not out looking for food. Once they find food to collect they will bring the rest of the workers to the same location and they will line up to take turns to grab what they need.
Soldier Ants: Anther job that is given to the ants that are in a colony will be to defend the colony. There are predators that are after the ants themselves while others are looking to take the food they are collecting. The ants that are defending the colony are many times larger than the other ants. They keep an eye on the entrance of the colony and will help to keep the workers safe while they are out in the open.
Caretaker Ants: Anther need that is present within the colony is to take care of the queen as well as the young. They need to clean and bring food to the queen so that she can focus on her task of increasing the size of the colony. Caretaker ants stay in the colony and will keep it clean and organized.

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