Control of Common Insects & Pests that Come Out in the Fall & Winter in The Villages, FL

As the country prepares for cooler temperatures, homeowners and business owners/managers need to be aware of potential pest infestations. Many pests seek shelter to survive the winter or to find a warm place to hibernate. Where many pests are dormant during the winter months, Florida’s moderate winter climate conditions keep many pests active all year long. Today, we at Pest911 would like to note the pests that are more commonly found indoors during Florida fall and winters.

Common Fall & Winter Bugs & Pests

Ants: Ants are a widespread problem across the nation and ants are particularly common in Florida. As the workers forage for food, many ants find themselves wandering indoors for the leftover crumbs. Once they find a food source, the scented trail brings marching ants to the location until the food source is depleted. This starts an ant infestation as ants prefer the convenience and optimal conditions of the indoors, they stay put indefinitely. The longer the infestation is allowed to grow, the more challenging the ant infestation is to terminate. At first sight of ants inside, call Pest911 to eliminate the problem quickly.
Cockroaches: Most cockroaches prefer warmer and even moist climates, so when weather gets cooler, they seek refuge indoors. Being that cockroaches are one of the most adaptable organisms on the planet, they can survive through most conditions. A cockroach will take up nesting nearly anywhere inside, including such places as sewer drains, inside cabinets, behind light fixtures, baseboards, and picture frames, under appliances, and any other crevice imaginable. When cockroaches are noticed in a home or business, it often indicates a serious infestation as roaches are elusive, nocturnal, and prefer to avoid human interaction.
Rodents: Adapting quickly to circumstances, rodents are very intelligent animals. Rats usually have a longer tail and are a much bigger size compared to mice. But most rodents live in clans and survive off scraps and garbage. Rodents often use homes and businesses to escape predators, extreme weather or try to find food and/or water. Rats are a detriment to a home or business as they are capable of gnawing and clawing through lead or plastic pipes to reach water, rip apart electrical wiring and can breach many food packages. Mice and rats both spread diseases and bacteria in addition to the damage they are both capable of. Hearing scurrying movements, seeing darting blurs in your peripherals, and seeing the food packages chewed through with little pellet poops and urine stains point to an infestation. If you see any of these signs, call Pest911 for rodent removal services.
Silverfish: These are teardrop-shaped insect that can grow up to an inch long and silverfish are particularly notorious for destroying clothes, book bindings, wallpaper, and insulation with their eating habits. They prefer warm and moist environments and if the temperatures outdoors fall below their liking, they move inside. Silverfish are likely to be infesting attics or garages and are not always seen as they hunker down in undisturbed areas and are nocturnal. Most people do not notice a silverfish infestation until the problem is severe because they are so reclusive. These grow and reproduce rapidly and if you suspect an infestation, it is essential you call Pest911 for immediate assistance.

Year Round Pest Control

Pests are a problem all year-long. Just because you are heading into the fall and winter months does not mean homeowners should be lax in preventative measure. For your Florida’s home or business pest management call Pest911 and we can help maintain the barrier to prevent infestations or are readily available to eliminate any pest problems.

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