Common Winter Insects & Pests in Marion Oaks, FL; Rodents, Cockroaches, Silverfish & More

There are some pests that are known to invade your home in the cold winter months. There are pests that just want to find a place to warm up and your house is the best place to do that. They are able to get in the house in small gaps and cracks and that is why you want to stay on top of your pest control services even in the winter. The pests that you are stuck dealing with are not fun and can cause damage to your house and spread germs as well as cause trouble with breathing. It is a good idea to know what pests are a problem in the winter so that you know what to keep an eye out for.

Pest911 Outlines Why a Cold Winter Doesn’t Always Mean Less Bugs & Pests

Do Rats & Mice Like Cold Weather?: Rodents are a pest that just don’t ever seem to take a break. They are quick to change where they are at when they need to. The rodents that are a problem for most homeowners are rats and of course mice. The don’t want to live out in the cold so they will find a small gap in the siding or the walls to get in the house. This is where they gain access then they will start to find where they want to live. They are a pest that will chew through walls, clothes, food and more. You want to make sure that you do what you can to keep rodents out of your house. They are also a problem for people that have trouble with allergies and asthma. They have dander much like a dog and they can shed their hairs. These are both things that are a trigger for people that struggle with allergies. They also carry with them disease that can be spread to the people in your house.
Cockroaches in Winter Time: Another pest that is sure to be invading your home when the cold starts to set in are cockroaches. They are one of the pests that no one wants to see running through their house. They are a nasty pest that comes in a variety of species each with their own characteristics. They are unique in the way that they look and what they need to really survive. You want to make sure that you check around trash cans, kitchen cupboards and around the house where cockroaches are often found. They are also a culprit in carrying allergens that cause breathing trouble.
Silverfish in Bathrooms: The silverfish is not a fish but a pest. They got their name from the look of them as well as how they look when they are moving. They look similar to a fish when it is swimming and they have a shiny color as well. They like to be in an area that has moisture like bathrooms and under the kitchen sink.

Control of Winter Pests

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