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Common Fall Insects & Pests in The Villages, FL; Ants, Cockroaches, Rodents, Silverfish & More

Florida’s moderate winter climate conditions keep many pests active all year long, though some pests will still overwinter. However, because of the optimal climate Florida provides, many homeowners can see pests invading their home as we head into fall and winter. Today, we at Pest 911 would like to share the usual pests commonly found indoors during Florida fall and winters.

Why are Ants in My Home?

As a nationwide problem, ants are no stranger to invasions, and they are especially frequent in Florida. Many ants simply wander inside as they look for provisions for the colony. The scented trail brings marching ants to the location once a food source has been discovered, and they continue raiding the area until the food source is depleted. If the ants prefer the convenience and optimal conditions of the indoors, and the infestation continues to grow, the ants will stay indefinitely. To quickly eliminate the issue, call Pest 911.

Cockroaches & Cold Weather

Most cockroach species prefer moist, warm climates and if the temperatures outdoors alter, they will seek better accommodations indoors. Though they can survive through most conditions as one of the most adaptable organisms on the planet, they still prefer comfort. Such places like in sewer drains, behind light fixtures, in cabinets, baseboards, under appliances, and picture frames as well as any other crevice imaginable is where the roaches will nest. Roaches are elusive, nocturnal, and prefer to avoid human interaction, so when you notice these disease spreading pests inside your home or business, it indicates a serious infestation.

Mice & Rats in the House During Fall

Rodents are very intelligent animals and adapt quickly to various circumstances. When compared to mice, rats are larger and have longer tails. Surviving off scraps and garbage, most rodents live together in clans. To escape predators, extreme weather or trying to find food and/or water, rodents will enter homes and businesses. Being quite detrimental to homes, rats are capable of gnawing and clawing through lead or plastic pipes to reach water, rip apart electrical wiring and both rats and mice can breach many food packaging. In addition rats and mice can spread diseases and bacteria on top of the costly damage. Seeing darting blurs in your peripherals, discovering the food packages chewed through with little pellet poops and urine stains, as well as hearing the scurrying movements indicate an infestation.

Silverfish Occasional Invaders

Silverfish are especially notorious for destroying book bindings, clothes, wallpaper, and insulation with their eating habits. These teardrop-shaped insects that can grow up to an inch long and prefer the warm, moist environments, especially when the temperatures outdoors fall below their liking. They hunker down in undisturbed areas and are nocturnal, so they are not always seen, but silverfish are likely to be infesting attics or garages. Because they are so reclusive most people do not notice a silverfish infestation until the problem is severe. They reproduce rapidly and once you realize they are inside your home; you need them eliminated as quickly as possible.

Fall & Year Round Pest Control

It is important to realize that pests are not a spring/summer issue, but a year-round problem. Do not get lax in your preventative maintenance simply because temperatures are cooling down a bit. For superior pest management and to eliminate any infestations, Pest 911 is readily available to help residential and commercial customers.

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