Cockroaches in Ocklawaha, FL; American, German, Florida Woods Cockroach Species & More

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in the world. For more than 300 million years, they have crawled the earth. With their insidious ways, some roaches have been reported to spread at least 33 different kinds of bacteria and six kinds of parasitic worms and they are known to trigger allergies and asthma, especially in children or those with weaker immunity systems. Typically, cockroaches are grouped into two categories, indoor or outdoor cockroaches. Throughout Florida, there are quite a few types of cockroaches. Outdoor cockroaches are frequently found inhabiting in tree holes, mulch, leaf litter, and moist areas located under vegetation. Inside cockroaches are found nearly everywhere, but most tend to stick to dark, humid, and warm areas, such as in kitchens and bathrooms. Across Florida, the most common cockroaches include, American, Smoky Brown, Florida Wood, Australian, Asian, Oriental, German, and Brown Banded Cockroaches. Today, we at Pest911 would like to elaborate on the basics of Florida roaches.

Cockroaches Outside My House

The below cockroaches are categorized as outdoor cockroaches but though they prefer the outdoors, they will wander inside, especially in search of food and water.
American Cockroach: American roaches are one of the larger species, averaging up to 2” long. They have fully developed wings that give them the ability to glide over short distances. Their coloring consists of being reddish brown with a pale brown or yellow border. These cockroaches are frequently found in sewers and if they manage to find a way inside, they are typically in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements.
Smokey Brown Cockroach: The smoky brown cockroach are close relations to the American roach, but are slightly smaller, averaging just over an inch in length. They have a shiny appearance and are uniformly a black, mahogany color. These roaches have fully developed wings and are strong fliers. They are commonly found beneath mulch beds and ground cover, around soffits and eaves, and where moisture is as they can dehydrate quickly. If they wonder inside, they look for areas with high-moisture areas to survive in.
Florida Woods Cockroach: These roaches are commonly referred to as the stinking cockroach because when predators threaten them, they will secrete a foul-smelling liquid in defense. They are black, and though they have small wings, they do not fly; they are also slow-moving roaches. Florida woods cockroaches feed primarily so they prefer to stay outside.
Australian Cockroach: Similar in appearance to the American cockroach, Australian roaches are nearly an inch and half long and have the reddish brown with yellow markings on the top of their head and the front edge of each wing. They are fonder of greenhouses and inside will look for the warm and humid areas of the home.
Asian Cockroach: Nearly identical to German variety Asian roaches have slightly longer wings. Adult Asian cockroaches are brown in color and feature two darker parallel bands running lengthwise behind their head.
Oriental Cockroach: Because of its dark black, glossy appearance and tendency to harbor in damp locations, Oriental roaches are sometimes referred to as the “black beetle” or a “water bug”. They average about an inch long and though they have wings, they cannot fly. They prefer outdoors but inside they are attracted to in dark, damp basements and sewer systems.

Roaches Inside My Home

The following roaches prefer the indoors and look for ways to get inside your home.
German Cockroach: The most common of all cockroach types found in America is the German roach. They are pale to medium brown and has two, nearly parallel, dark stripes on their backs behind their head. They do have wings, but do not fly.
Brown Banded Cockroach: These are smaller of the cockroach family, and typically grow to be about ½ inch long. The two lighter bands they have across their dark brownish bodies dubbed them their name. Only males can fly.

Cockroach Control

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