Cockroach Durability in Ocklawaha FL; Why Don’t Cockroaches Seem to Die?

One of the nastiest pests that come out to bother us in the summer time are cockroaches. They are one of the pests that carry disease and bacteria and will spread it around as they walk around your home. They also are a problem because they don’t just invade homes that are messy. They are happy to find any food or water source and start to set up shop. They then walk around the home leaving their trails of dirt and feces along the way. This can quickly start to make your home messier and messier. Many people think that if they see a cockroach they can kill it and that is the end. The problem is that they are sneaky and will stay hidden from sight. That means if you see one there are sure to be more in hiding. They are also an extremely hardy pest that is quite hard to get rid of and kill.

Pest911 Lists Reasons That Cockroaches Are a Difficult Pest to Get Rid Of

Does Flushing Cockroaches Down the Toilet Work?: You might think that water and flooding an area that has pests like cockroaches will kill whatever is there. That is true for many pests but not cockroaches. They are extremely hard to drawn because they are able to survive fully submerged under the water for up to 15 minutes. That means that if you wanted to use water as a form to kill of cockroaches you better be ready to wait it out. The other issue with cockroaches and water is that they can swim really good. If they are under the water they can swim to a spot so they can get themselves out.
A Cockroach Can Live Without its Head: If you kill any other creature a sure fire way to do the job is to remove the head. That is not a realistic way to kill off a cockroach. A study was done where a scientist removed the head of a cockroach to see what would happen. The cockroach not only did not die off but was able to continue to move around with purpose. They only died after enough time passed where they died from starvation or dehydration. A headless cockroach does not mean a dead cockroach.
Cockroaches Can Live Without Food: You think that if you set out a bait trap that has some type of chemical in it is the way to get rid of cockroaches. As if they were super enough they don’t need to eat food as often as you might think. They can go about three months without eating and that means that if you have food traps out they can avoid them for quite some time and stay living in your home.
Cockroaches Spread Fast: Another problem is that seeing a cockroach does not mean one. The female cockroach will easily be found carrying up to 100 eggs that will be babies in no time. If you don’t act quick to get rid of cockroaches you can have a huge infestation in a short amount of time.

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