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Cockroach, Ant, Bee & Wasp Stinging Insect & Other Pest Allergy Treatment in Ocala, FL

Many people know that you can be allergic to foods such as peanut butter and shell fish. The people that have these forms of allergies know that they need to stay away from these foods and depending on the severity of it they may need to carry medication. The interesting fact is that you can have these same type of allergies to pests that could be in your home and all around your yard. You want to make sure that you know what the allergies are and what you can expect if you have them. The pests that you likely will come in contact with that have the potential to create allergies are found all year round so you cannot take a break when it comes to pest control. Pest 911 outlines what pests can cause allergies to you and your family.

Bee & Wasp Insect Allergy

There are lots of pests you could be allergic to and the main group of them are the ones that can sting. The stinging pests tend to come out when the weather starts to warm up. The warmer temperatures are perfect for them and what they like to feed on. The stinging pests that you could be allergic to are bees, wasps and even some ants. They are all found around left over food, plants and of course near water. The bees and wasps love the water and can be found swarming near a pool or even your sprinklers while they are going off. If you have an allergic reaction to a bee or wasp or ant sting you could end up with a mild reaction that might include discomfort and irritation all the way to trouble breathing and anaphylactic shock. You want to make sure that you are cautious around these pests and contact a doctor if you have a severe reaction.

Mosquito & Other Biting Insect Allergies

The next category of pests that could leave you with some sort of allergic reaction are pests that tend to bite. The most common are fleas and ticks and can be found in the hotter months all the way into the fall. They attach to the skin of a person and feed on their blood. This can create a reaction that usually looks more like a welt of hives. This is still a reaction and is considered an allergy to that pest bite.

Cockroach & Household Pests Allergies

Lastly you can end up with allergies from the pests that can be found in your house all year round. This consists of rodents, cockroaches and more. The allergy that you might see with these pests are more like sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and skin irritation. They tend to bring the air quality in your house down from the urine, feces and fur they leave behind. They have also been linked to people with asthma and triggers that cause a reaction. It is best to have your home treated all year round to keep them out of your house.

Year Round Pest Control

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