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Can Dog Fleas Live on Cats & Vice Versa in The Villages, FL? How to Get Rid of Flea Infestations

Fleas are a common pest in Florida. Floridians combat Dog Fleas, Cat Fleas, and Human Fleas, but as the most populated flea in the United States, cat fleas are the most likely type of flea the locals deal with. Though there are many types of fleas, we at Pest 911 would like to elaborate on dog fleas versus cat fleas.

Do Cat Fleas Look the Same as Dog Fleas?

Cat fleas and dog fleas are very similar in appearance, you need a microscope to tell the physical characteristics apart, there are differences between dog and cat fleas as well as the other fleas for that matter. Though dog fleas will infest the dog, they will not harm your cat, the cat fleas however, are adaptable and will infest cats and dogs alike. The majority of the cases where fleas are concerned is that they are likely cat fleas infesting your dogs and cats.

Dog Fleas

Dog fleas, formally named Ctenocephalides canis, are more concentrated throughout Europe than they are in the U.S., but still a concern throughout the country including Florida. Studies show that over 95% of reported cases of dogs being infested with fleas are cat fleas, making them a likely suspect if your dog demonstrates symptoms of fleas, but they can still be the source. In a female dog flea’s life, she will lay up to 4,000 eggs. Though dog fleas, much like cat fleas can bite a human, they are not compatible with living on a human host.

Cat Fleas

Formally called Ctenocephalides felis, cat fleas prefer cat hosts and feed on their blood but will choose a dog host if that is what is available. If given the opportunity, the cat fleas will bite humans, but as mentioned, will are not able to live on people. Once a female becomes an adult, cat fleas reproduce very quickly as females can lay up 20 eggs a day, and they will only take 2-4 days to hatch. Fleas can develop and live up to a year and multiple incredibly quick if they are not properly treated or the problem is ignored. Cat fleas have white eggs and the cat fleas are brown in color. Cat fleas are extremely small and if seen it is because the cat fleas are against contrasting cat fur coloring. In some instances, the dry blood can be visible, giving the indication to owners there is a flea problem. Cat fleas are linked to the spreading of diseases; typhus or the Bartonella are among the most common and if ingested, the formation of tapeworms can develop.

Flea Control

Where fleas can be challenging to treat, it is important to get pets treated first and then have your home and property properly and effectively treated by professional pest control experts. Because fleas reproduce quickly, the viable eggs can be in a number of places, likely in the areas your pet spends a lot of time. Treating the surfaces is important and after it is recommended that all sheets, comforters, pet beds, and other fabrics are washed in hot water and the carpets are steamed clean to ensure efficiency. If you are combating fleas, ticks or other pests, call Pest 911 and let our certified professionals get rid of them for you.

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