Brown, Mediterranean & Chilean Recluse Spiders in Florida; What to Do if You Find One in Your Home!

Most people hear Recluse Spiders and automatically think of a Brown Recluse. To be fair, the brown recluse spider is one of the more common species of recluse spider known to people. However, they are not the only species. There are a number of recluse spiders found throughout the world and three recluse species are found in the state of Florida. Pest911 would like to share a little more about these three species of recluse spiders.

Brown, Mediterranean & Chilean Recluse Spiders

The three species of recluse spiders that are found in the state of Florida are the Brown Recluse, the Mediterranean Recluse, and the Chilean Recluse spider. As most people are familiar with brown recluse spiders, one of the more commonly seen spiders is the Mediterranean recluse spider. Recluse spiders aren’t native to Florida and were introduced to the area over the past 100 years. The Chilean spider is as recent as 10 years ago. As researchers identified the different species of spiders, they found the Mediterranean is the most frequently seen. As the name suggests, the Mediterranean recluse spider originated from the Mediterranean area. However, over the past 100 years, they spread worldwide. Some researchers suggest the reasons why Mediterranean recluse spiders are heavily populated through Florida is due to the weather conditions. Nevertheless, this is just a theory.

Where Do Chilean Recluse Spiders Live?

The Chilean recluse spider came from South America due to some importation into America. They first arrived in the early 2000’s in California, and over the past 10 years or so; they made their way to Florida. Chilean recluse spiders like warmer humid climates. However, they can adapt to other conditions. One of the biggest problems with having a Chilean recluse spider as a resident in your home is that they are the most toxic or venomous out of all of the recluse spiders.

Venomous Recluse Spider Bites

One of the more interesting things about recluse spiders is that they are known to be more of a desert spider. Brown Recluse spiders are more heavily populated through southern parts of America. Recluse spiders are one of the top venomous spiders found in America and if bitten, one does require medical aid. However the good news is that the recluse spider bite is rare. Most spiders, especially the most venomous spider like the black widow or recluse spider, aren’t aggressive in nature and only bite when they feel threatened. Because recluse spiders like to hide in clothing and inside boxes, some interaction does occur and can result in a bite.

What Do Recluse Spiders Look Like?

Identifying the different recluse species can be difficult. They all look very similar and often take an entomologist to identify each individual species. The characteristics of a recluse spider are similar. Recluse spiders are different shades of browns. They have two sections of the body. The thorax has a flat circle-like shape and all eight legs extend out from them. Males have a small oval shaped abdomen where the females are rounder and more robust. The one way to tell a recluse spider is the distinct violin marking on its thorax. This marking gave recluse spider the nickname the “fiddle spider.” Another interesting trait of the recluse spider family is that they have only six eyes versus the typical eight eyes that most spiders have.

Spider Control

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