Best Way to Repel & Get Rid of Mosquitoes from Outdoors in Your Yard in The Villages, FL

Mosquitoes are one of the most obnoxious pests we have to deal with during the summer months. Most people would do just about anything to keep them out of their yard. While it can be difficult to completely remove them from your yard, you can take steps that make your yard less appealing to the mosquito population. Specialized Pest Control & Lawn Care is here to share tips to help you keep mosquitoes out of your yard as much as possible.

Get Rid of Any Stagnant Water

The biggest problem in your yard is most likely water. Where there is any stagnant water, there will be mosquito problems. If a mosquito finds any standing water, they lay their eggs in it and you will have a mosquito infestation in no time. Following are some of the places that you need to be aware of around your property.
• Bird Baths
• Kiddie Pools
• Flowerpots
• Buckets
• Old Tires
Other places like low lying areas in your lawn, might not be draining properly during rain storms or irrigation and could cause standing water. Filling in these areas and repairing them will eliminate the problem.

Mosquito Repellent Plants

There are several plants that can be useful to you when you incorporate them into your landscape. When you use these plants like citronella as part of your landscaping, they produce chemicals that can actually repel mosquitoes. They aren’t useful unless they are harmed, so rough them up before your BBQ so they release the chemicals you are looking for to naturally repel mosquitoes.

Avoid Spending Time Outside During Peak Mosquito Hours

During dusk and dawn, mosquitoes are much more active than the middle of the day. They don’t like to be out during the hottest times of the day, but as the temperature cools, they come looking for their next meal. Avoid spending time outside during these hours, if at all possible, to avoid mosquito bites.

Outdoor Mosquito Repellent System

Using repellents that contain DEET will keep mosquitoes away if you find yourself outside during peak hours. DEET has gotten a bad rap, but medical journals show that it doesn’t cause health problems like it has been thought to. You don’t need repellent with more than 7-10% DEET. The higher the percentage, the longer it lasts. Use a lower percentage and apply more often to get the same coverage.

Mosquito Insect Repellent Clothing

To take your safety even one step further, wear the long sleeved and long pants to avoid mosquito bites. If your skin is covered, they can’t get to it. Mosquitoes carry several diseases that are dangerous; so, you should avoid bites if at all possible.

Mosquito Control

Sometimes, it seems like avoiding mosquitoes isn’t possible. Having your yard treated by a professional pest control company like Pest911 is the best way to keep them away from your family and friends as you spend time out in your backyard. Call us today for more information about mosquito control.

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