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Best Time to Aerate Lawn in Ocklawaha, FL to Fix Compacted Soil, Reduce Thatch & More

Now that the temperatures here in Florida are starting to cool down you may be gearing up for fall. Fall is a beautiful time of year! We are able to enjoy the cooler weather and the changes in the plants. As you prepare for fall there are things that are necessary inside and outside your home. Inside your home you will need to start making sure that your family all has pants and sweaters that fit. Outside your home you need to prepare your home and landscaping for the cooler weather. Did you know that lawn aeration is an important part of preparing your grass for the cooler weather? Many people do not know what lawn aeration even is. Today Pest 911 is going to talk about what exactly lawn aeration is and what the benefits are.

What is Lawn Aeration?

We are going to start off by talking about what lawn aeration is. Lawn aeration perforates the soil with small holes allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. Aerating your lawn allows your soil to breathe properly. It also breaks up compacted soil.

Lawn Aeration Can Improve Your Lawn

The largest benefit of lawn aeration is that it improves the health of your grass. When you have your lawn aerated you are helping the root to have greater access to air, water and fertilizer. This allows your grass roots to become healthier and grow deeper roots. The deeper your roots are the healthier your grass will be.

Fix Compacted Soil with Lawn Aeration

The next benefit of lawn aeration is that it helps relieve areas of your soil that are compacted. Over time it is natural for your soil to become compacted. This results in dead spots, patches, and thinning in your grass. When you aerate your lawn, you are decreasing the density of your soil. This allows air, water, and fertilizer to reach the roots of your lawn.

Lawn Aeration Reduces Thatch

Lawn aeration reduces the thatch from building up in your grass. Thatch is the layer of dead grass that develops on your lawn. As the layer of thatch gets thicker your grass will not be able to get the necessary rain and nutrients that it needs to stay nice and healthy. When you aerate your lawn this layer of thatch is broken up. Aeration also brings microorganisms that are in your soil to the top layer of your grass. These microorganisms help the thatch decompose.

Aerate to Help Lawn Absorb Water

Having your lawn aerated helps your lawn use all the water that it receives the most effective way possible. First it enhances the ability of your soil to take in the water. When your soil is effectively taking in the water it is given you can water less often and still have a strong, healthy lawn. It will also help reduce water runoff and puddling.

Lawn Aeration

Hopefully you can see the benefits of lawn aeration. Pest 911 recommends that you aerate your lawn at least once a year but preferably twice a year. The spring and fall are the best times of year to aerate your lawn. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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