What Kind of Mice Live in Marion Oaks, FL? How to Keep Out Field, Florida, House Mouse & More

There are a number of species of mice that will invade homes throughout Florida. Mice pose a major problem for many Florida residents and businesses. Some of the most common species of mice that wander inside human domains are Cotton mice, Eastern Harvest mice, Florida Mice, Golden mice, and House mice. Pest911 would like to share more about these species, tell you when they are most active, and how to identify each species.

Florida Mouse Identification

Cotton Mice: Cotton mice are nocturnal and often are difficult to detect. Cotton mice mostly feed on seeds and fruits, but are omnivorous where they will eat insects. Cotton mice are strong climbers and swimmers witch aid them when invading certain areas. The cotton mouse resembles the white footed mouse as they are similar color and size. They have a bright cinnamon, black, or dark brown sprinkles on the top of the fur with a white underbelly. Cotton mice pose the biggest problem throughout the months of August through May.
Eastern Harvest Mice: The Eastern Harvest mouse is a very sturdy species having the ability to go long periods of time between eating or drinking. They will feed on grains and seeds, but will also will feed on crickets and grasshoppers. The Eastern Harvest mouse will nest in close vegetation on the ground to hide from their natural predators. The Eastern Harvest mouse has a dark brown fur with a paler underbelly legs and tails.
Florida Mice: The Florida mouse is consider an endangered mammal and only inhabits Florida regions. The Florida mouse is also omnivorous feeds on insects, seeds, plants, nuts, and fungi. Florida mice prefer the outdoors, but will occasionally wander in doors any time during the year. For homes that have a few Gopher Tortoises living around their yard, Florida mice will often move into gopher tortoise’s burrows which often invite them closer to human domains. Florida mice are nocturnal to escape predators. Florida mice have a light sandy colored fur with a white under belly.
Golden Mice: The Golden mice like swamp like climates and can be found all throughout Florida. The Golden mouse, as its name suggests, is golden in color and slightly paler underneath. They have a long tail and big black eyes. They are active all year long but are particularly most active during the summer. They are granivorous and mostly feed on grain and seeds. They will, on occasion, feed on honeysuckles.
House Mice: One of the most common species found invading homes and businesses is the house mouse. This species loves the comfort of human domains and will invade homes all throughout the year. The House mouse is very durable. They thrive in almost any condition and are found all over America. The house mouse is gray or brownish in color and has a long tail and large ears, and has small eyes. The house mouse is also a good climber, swimmer and jumper. They navigate with ease throughout the home or its surroundings. They are omnivorous and will feed on just about anything they find.

Rodent Control

Mice are well known to carry diseases and contaminate food and living conditions. They also can cause severe damages to a home. If you have a mice infestation, contact Pest911 today.

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